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AgriQuest Services

Advanced solutions for agriculture innovation

Hi, we are AgriQuest

AgriQuest is an initiation dealing in advances agriculture. Our vision is to connect classic agriculture with Agri-Tech innovations and new methods for precise and sustainable agricultural practices. AgriQuest is a team of agronomists with expertise in various crops and disciplines, and offer a wide range of services to farmers, researchers and Agri-Tech companies.

Research and Development (R&D)

AgriQuest has extensive experience in conducting research for agri-tech and private initiations, as well as for academic institutions. We are able to design and perform high quality field tests and contribute to our customers with accurate, in-depth understanding of the product they wish to test. The R&D work includes an examination of chemical products / technologies / genotypes / agrotechnical practices, setting up the appropriate experiment, statistical analysis and finally conclusions written as an academic level report and/or primary protocol for using the product or method tested.

Mapping & Monitoring

Depth understanding of your plot will promote making more efficient and precise decisions. Mapping and profiling the growing area for environmental physical and biological aspects may help your crop reach its potential. AgriQuest can monitor your field for various traits using both classic and advanced methods, ground work and UAVs, and create a complete map for your interest.

Introduction of New Products and Technology

Examination of new knowledge and technology is an integral part of AgriQuest background work. We always aim to develop new solutions for our customers and
look for the next step in promoting profitable and sustainable agriculture.

Consulting and Training

Considering the extensive experience we have gained in a wide variety of agricultural initiations, we offer professional support for projects in Israel and abroad.

Meat the team

“Agriculture technology is not about replacing farmers, it’s about empowering them.”

Sara Menker

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